I went to the first of three showings of Waitress at The Washington Pavilion last night and it was so charming, sassy, and sentimental.

Waitress is based on the movie by the same name starring Keri Russell. The movie version is not a musical. Just to clarify.

The music for the stage version was done by Sara Bareilles. You know her as the singer of "Love Song" or maybe "Brave". In the show, the band is featured on stage. They mix and mingle in with the ensemble so well. The piano serves as one of the diner counters. So clever.

The stage show follows the plotline of the movie almost exactly. Even some of the lines are verbatim. It's the story of a girl named Jenna. She is in a loveless marriage, she's pregnant, she's a waitress, she loves baking and making pies. Oh, and she has an affair with her married gynecologist!

It's the kind of story where even though you know the affair is wrong, you kind of root for them. Is that bad?

The signature song from Waitress is "She Used to Be Mine" and I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a couple of tears. Oh man, Bailey McCall as Jenna just rips your heart out with that song. The show is full of much lighter moments though. You will definitely laugh more than you'll cry.

In the end, Jenna realizes she is enough and does what is right for her and her baby. Oh, and her two best friends help her out along the way! Everybody needs a couple of great friends like Becky and Dawn played by Kennedy Salters and Gabriella Marzetta. They had great chemistry. Seemed like they had known each other forever. David Socolar as Dr. Pomatter was very endearing. You can't help but like the guy.

Ok, so, full disclosure, this show deals with some adult themes and has some adult language and there are some very strategically placed pies symbolizing some very adult scenarios. The show is recommended for ages 13 and up.

There are two more chances to see Waitress at The Washington Pavilion, March 10 and 11th at 7:30 pm. Don't miss it!

Oh, and it was so cute. They were selling little mini-pies at the concession stand and the signature drink was apple pie wine. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

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