I was scrolling through my phone looking for a picture to inspire something to write about today when my eyes stopped cold on one picture that kind of scared me and then made me laugh hysterically.

The photo in question was taken three weeks ago when I was in rural Beresford to have a couple of beers with a friend who was in town for a funeral. We are chatting, laughing, telling stories and drinking beer sitting around a woodburning stove in the corner of a shop building. Since he was not going anywhere he drank more than I did.

If you drink enough beer you will produce a fair amount of urine. If you produce a fair amount of urine you will have to pee enough to write words in snow. And when you're drinking beer in an outbuilding on an acreage and you can either walk all the way back into the house or just go in the snow outside the door to the shop, most men would choose the latter, and you can write in the snow. So the word he chose to write, of all the words in all of the languages in the world, was my name.

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When I finally made a trip outside to relieve myself I saw my name written in the snow with a scary pointed font, as if a psycho ax murderer from a cheesy movie had written it. At first it was terrifying. It was the first time I had seen my name written in snow, that I could recall. About two seconds later I came to the epiphany that my friend had written in the snow when he peed.

I think I know what you might be thinking. This did take place at the peak of the cold snap last month. At the time I think the temp was around zero. That makes for well frozen snow that is not on the verge of melting. I asked him:

"Was this one pee or multiple trips?"

It was more than one trip. Our other friend who was there also contributed to the script written in the snow.

Is this terrifying or funny? Think the answer is both, and also a little gross.

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