I think I may have found the root of the current wave of creepy clown hysteria that's sweeping the nation.

This segment from Sesame Street always just freaked me out as a kid. It's a very seventies-style clip that was rerun well into the eighties. It haunted me my entire Sesame Street watching career.

I think that maybe this video has implanted a deep-seated ability into two generations of Americans to spot the clowns as they moves through our realm. Now, when we look into the dark shadows of our world, the memory of this clown dismantling it's face bursts forth giving us the power to identify the creature.

In the video the clown starts by ripping off his nose and sealing it in a box. Presumably to send as a warning to someone. Then the clown tears off it's red hair, revealing the a dark mane. This clown could be anyone! It's a changeling, morphing into another person to stalk us anywhere.

Then the real terror begins. The clown uses it's dark magic to suck up it's eyebrows. Then his eyes and lips! He's putting them in tubes! Why is it prying off it's outer shell? Is it to reveal it's true form? Or perhaps, to better blend-in with the humans, therefor making it easier to torment the non-circus world.

That's my creepy clown hypothesis anyways. The only other explanation I can come up with is that the clowns are some goofball trying to get on TV. Mine makes way more sense.

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