It’s not exactly the famous gold rush of the 1800's but there’s some drilling going on near Rochford, South Dakota which may indicate there still gold those hills.

And it’s not happening without opposition. A Canadian company has drilled the first hole according to the Rapid City Journal and eight more holes are being planned in the Black Hills. The purpose of the drilling is to extract core samples to determined The amount of gold down there and whether the land yields enough the yellow stuff for further exploration.

Now, of course, with every precious resource and the machinery to get it, comes multiple permit issues and so the courts are now involved. Appeals are to follow.

According to the Star Tribune, the drilling project manager said “they have every right to protest. It’s a free country." In the meantime, core samples will be evaluated to see where they go from here.

If you plan to visit the area it’s possible you run into a protest walk along the roads and trails. There are a few groups that don’t want the Black Hills disturbed.

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