The immediate answer to the above question is- - NO! Then why ask the question at all? Good question!

There has been a rumor around for months that the parent company, Luby's Inc., which operates Fuddruckers was going out of business and thus all the Fuddruckers were closing. In some parts of the country, this became reality, but not here and not in many other cities.

Luby's Inc., with headquarters in Houston, Texas, was founded in 1947 and is the corporate entity behind, Fuddruckers, Luby's Cafeterias, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and Luby's Culinary Services.

Prior financial problems combined with sales losses during the pandemic, drove Luby's Inc., in June of this year, to announce the sale of its assets and all restaurant business for the benefit of stockholders and to pay debts. It also means the end of the company.

According to the article in Sioux Falls Business with Jodi Schwan, Sioux Falls Fuddruckers franchisee Pat Costello said that "these corporate changes" won't affect the store on 41st street, that they never closed and have weathered the tricky COVID-19 business crisis "fairly well".

All of this is good news to anyone who was ever drawn into Fudds (everyone's affectionate nickname for it) by the enchanting aroma, craving a huge, hot, juicy, freshly-made burger, with your favorite toppings, piled high on a bun that was baked right there in the store.

And the fries--don't even get me started! I have to mix my own fry sauce with ketchup and mayo in just the correct proportions before I dig in. It's a law!

So rejoice all you Fuddruckers lovers, Fudds is here to stay!

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