Nothing goes together better than ketchup and french fries. But what about Mayochup?

During my freshman year of college in Spearfish the Burger King there had something they called "fry sauce." It was mixed up in the pump dispensers in house. It was really good. So when I heard about Mayochup last year I was excited. I meant to try it a long time ago and I finally stumbled into a bottle at the store the other night.

My daughter wanted some fries last night and I wanted to try the Mayochup so I baked up a pan of crinkle cut fries (they taste better, according to her).

Mayochup was good. It was not the same flavor I remembered, or the flavor of mayonnaise and ketchup I had mixed up on my own occasionally. I thought it was lacking a little bit of ketchup. It had the blandness of mayo and not much else. I'm still going to finish off the bottle, but I do want to try another kind I found at the store called Freddy's Famous Fry Sauce.

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