On a visit to our house my brother made us a wonderful breakfast with some unbelievably delicious breakfast sausages. We loved 'em.

Turns out he purchased these gems not far from his place at Jerry's Foods in Edina, Minnesota. So on a recent visit to his house we stopped at Jerry's and picked up 5 pounds of this linked heaven.

Ben Davis

Last Saturday for breakfast I fried up some Jerry's Smokehouse Breakfast Sausages, which is why the good Lord gave us breakfast sausages. Once they were golden brown I put them on some toasted wheat toast with a schmear of mayo. That's the way I roll. Don't judge me.

Whenever someone witnesses me eating my breakfast sausages this why it is followed by ridicule. I just eat through the pain. But this brings up the question: How do you like to eat your breakfast sausage?

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