A British lady posted on a Mommy Advice website a question that has people feeling some kind of way.

She is pregnant and she and her husband have been brainstorming names for their baby, and her husband keeps pushing the name of their cat, Mungo.  Besides the fact that Mungo is just kind of a weird name, is it weird to name their baby the same name as their cat?

I kinda think so. I also think it would be confusing for the pet and the baby. When you're yelling at the cat, will the baby be confused and vice versa?

Our listeners weighed in via text:

  • My dog's name is Mackenzie I wouldn't feel bad calling my kid that
  • If the name was a normal name it would be much better. But Mungo......That's awful
  • Some people think of their animals as kids so why would you name your kids the same thing. unless you're George Forman
  • When the pet dies you then have a daily reminder of the pet when you call for your child.
  • People name their kids after their husband (so two names in the same house)
  • I had a Chihuahua named Steve. If you yell once they're both in trouble. Ok which mongo pooped on the floor lol ok I'm done now Ok

On the flip side, if someone names their pet after you, is that a compliment or an insult? I mean, people do think very highly of their pets, so I suppose it is a compliment. But, then again, what about me says dog or cat or gerbil or fish.

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