Well, we seem to have made that one hour jump ahead yesterday (March 10th) for Daylight Saving Time. For those who hate the idea of moving the clock twice a year, here's some encouraging news: there are lawmakers in many states across the country who would like to see Daylight Saving Time go away. For good.

More than two dozen states are considering legislation to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. In other words, we leave the clock alone in the spring and fall. Hawaii and Arizona do not observe the ritual and they're pretty darn happy states last time we checked.

About 26 states are looking to remain on standard time permanently - but wouldn't this only work if all states conformed to save confusion? Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida believe it should be nationwide. Even though federal law allows states to remain on standard time permanently, only Congress can enact it nationwide.

If we needed a few more reasons to do away with this, here are a few to ponder: hospitals record a 24-percent spike in heart attack cases the Monday following the one-hour time adjustment, road traffic accidents increase, workplace injuries rise, and poor moods are rampant through the workplace. None of these sound like a real treat.

It's time. No pun intended.

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