Unless you're driving an electric vehicle you've more than likely noticed a certain sticker showing up on several gas pumps across America. The sticker has a picture of a smiling Joe Biden with a finger pointing to the price of your fuel with the caption "I DID THAT!'

Well, I guess something has to give you a light-hearted chuckle when the pump goes over $80 dollars. But is it just a cute harmless prank, or is it downright illegal?

According to a Quora forum, if law enforcement is actually called on such a deed, the charges could range from vandalism, defacing private property, destruction of private property, or other various state charges. But it's only a sticker, right?

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Another answer submitted said, "As long as the required legal information on the pump is still visible, and the owner of the gas station does not object, it is a first amendment thing. If the owner does object and you did it w/o consent it can be vandalism. Or worse if you cover up information that is legally required that can get additional charges."

A Pennsylvania man has his day in court tomorrow (April 26) for defacing property and resisting arrest after bragging about putting 'I DID THAT!' stickers on gas pumps in his hometown. Although it is believed he had more going on than just putting stickers on pumps. Warrants may have played a part.

Putting aside the legality of the stunt, it's a huge pain for gas station owners to remove them. I've seen countless pumps where the sticker was removed only to leave a blotch of sticky residue.

The real winner in all of this? The guy who created the stickers. If correct, he's netting about $40,000 per month on stacker sales.

Besides, I don't need an app to tell me where the cheapest gas is. Apparently, Joe Biden is my gas buddy.

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