I golfed nine holes yesterday. I walked and pushed a cart. It's great exercise and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than getting a cart.

The byproduct of that is in the 90 degree heat with high humidity I was sweating a lot and was pretty gross. But when I was done I had to pick up kids, get them dinner and got them baths before the predicted severe weather hit last night.

By the time I got to my shower the storm was raging.

My Dad never wanted us to take a shower while there was a thunderstorm. It made sense, water conducts electricity, our water pipes are connected to the water tower, electrocution seemed possible.

I passed on the shower and did it this morning (yes, I'm washing bedding after work today). But is showering actually dangerous or is it a myth? The National Weather Service advises not taking a shower during a thunderstorm so I wasn't crazy.

But how would you know for sure? The Mythbusters, of course. According to them, it is plausible.

Is it likely that I would have been fine showering? Yeah, probably. And I did see several comments and forum posts suggesting that this warning is flawed and based on old plumbing systems. But I have no idea if my house built in 1976 is modern or not. I don't know how well my house is grounded. I don't like to tempt fate so I just won't shower in a thunderstorm. I'm not missing out on anything but a shower so it really doesn't matter.

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