How do stay-at-home moms spend their time? A better question may be, "How many times do stay-at-home moms get a break?"

The tireless tasks are 24/7 for some. Just think of what moms go through each day on child care and household duties alone:

  • Caring for and helping household children: 2.63 hours
  • Housework: 1.57 hours
  • Food preparation and cleanup: 1.79 hours
  • Travel related to caring for and helping household children: 0.31 hours
  • Lawn and garden care: 0.10 hours

According to the Labor Department, the median hourly wage for child daycare services is $13.31. If a stay-at-home mom were to earn an equivalent wage for child care, she would make $35 a day for an average of 2.63 hours spent providing care for her children.

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When the term homemaker is used, for South Dakota moms who ranked 22 in the nation, the average annual salary calculates to $32,824. That's just a few more bucks than our Minnesota (24) neighbors at $32,673 with Iowa just behind (25) at $29,689.

In 2021 stay-at-home mom jobs accounted for 106 hours per week at a fair market salary of $184,820, according to The median annual salary for stay-at-home moms in 2019 was $178,201 – rising $15,620 (a 9.6% increase) from the 2018 mother's worth calculation.

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Consider the role of a stay-at-home mom and these jobs most of us take for granted:

Academic Advisor
Accountant I
Art Director
Athletic Director
Buyer II
Day Care Teacher
Event Planner
Executive Housekeeper
Facilities Director
Interior Designer II
Laundry Manager
Logistics Analyst I
Maintenance Supervisor
Network Administrator
Public School Teacher
Recreational Therapist
Staff Nurse
Social Media Specialist
Work/Life Manager

So, when the bread-winner walks through the door at the end of their workday, do they ask, "So dear, how was your day?"

Now, if YOU are a stay-at-home mom, try this handy calculator and then submit the paperwork to the usual department head.


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