Great. The most famous phrase of 2015 is about to make a comeback. Polar vortex: and it appears one is churning at the north pole and, according to some meteorologists, ready to break off and head through Canada and right into the Dakotas and the Great Lakes region before going away.

The result of this disruption could mean frigid winter weather pummelling the U.S. Midwest and Northeast and the mid-latitude regions of Europe. It’s expected to arrive in the next week or two and could last, in fits and spurts, into February.~ National Geographic, 1/12/2021

Right now, opinions are split on whether or not it will affect the U.S.

At this point, the 7-day forecast from the National Weather Service doesn't indicate any deep freeze so could we have dodged a bullet here? Time will tell. Until then, we'll keep an eye on local forecasts. But I'll grab a goose-down parka and a bottle of bourbon. You know...just in case.

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