A parody of the iPhone X is trending on YouTube, but I think it's trending because it isn't actually a parody. It's just all true.

When I switched to the iPhone after being a long time Android user, my favorite feature is using a fingerprint to unlock the phone. I love it most for the passwords on banking apps. But now the iPhone X scans your face, which is also supposed to be as unique, but I am more put off by it scanning my face. It's just weird. Like the Governor's heads in The Walking Dead.

Also in a world with fewer mechanical, tangible buttons, why did we have to lose the home button? Sure, it will be on the screen, but it's one button. There's a switch to shut the ringer off, but why? I don't need to do that instantly ever. The volume down button accomplishes the same thing. A headphone jack would be more useful. Oh yeah, still not one of those.

The screen is bigger except for the goofy black bar where the earpiece is for talking on the phone. I'm surprised that wasn't removed because "who talks on the phone anymore?"

Anyway, if you don't laugh at this video, you are probably one of the sheep who will shell out for the "$1,000 emoji machine" on day one.

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