If you're unfamiliar with E15 gas, you're about to get acquainted with it. Iowa is the first state in the U.S to now require that gas stations have pumps that sell gas with 15% ethanol.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

E15 gas is a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% unleaded gasoline.

According to Mototrend one of the first big pros of E15 gas is that it is cheaper and the impact it has on the environment is less damaging. Vehicles that use ethanol-based fuels emit less carbon dioxide.

On the negative side of things, Motortrend believes "because ethanol has approximately 5% less energy than gas, it's possible that any noticeable difference in fuel economy with E15 will be lower than it is with unleaded fuel."

This bill, proposed by Gov. Kim Reynolds, was created to give a boost to corn growers and the ethanol industry as a whole according to USNews.

These industries equal roughly half of the state's corn crop as Iowa leads the nation in corn and ethanol production.

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There was some original concern with this bill amongst Iowans. This bill could possibly force smaller gas stations to close if they couldn't afford the new tanks, pumps, and pipes, required to carry E15.

There will be  $5 million dollars a year dedicated to helping gas station owners upgrade equipment if needed, to handle E15.

Which Do You Choose?

After moving to Iowa the first time I needed to get gas, I was so confused at the pump. Growing up in Minnesota all I can remember seeing as selections for gas was 87, 88, and 91.

I've been grabbing 87 my entire life and the first time I saw two 87 choices, I had no idea which meant what.

So I just picked one, went home, got out the google machine, and started doing some research.

Never in my life would I have thought I'd need to learn so much about gasoline. There's gas for your car, and gas for your lawnmower. That's all I really thought I'd ever need to know.

Muscle memory has had me reaching for the 87 handles for 16 years.

After doing some research, I've actually switched over to the more "mid-grade" version of gas as of late.

My ride to work is less than 5 minutes and I've noticed a difference in my gas mileage when I go with the cheaper options.

So as of now, I haven't minded paying a little extra for gas as it feels to last longer in my tank.

The bill was passed 42-3 in the Senate and 81-13 in the house.


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