If you haven't already, you NEED to see these cockies, I mean cookies.

These Quad City, Iowa cookies are getting a LOT of attention, and I think you can see why. Baker and owner, Tiphanie, has perfected her skill in the making of penis-themed cookies.

Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie is a bakery and cupcake shop in Davenport, IA. Google describes it as a "Buzzy bakeshop making seasonal, gourmet desserts with a modern twist along with original sandwiches."

Not only does this bakeshop sell great-tasting food and treats, but it also has a fantastic sense of humor. Tiphanie's latest post that grabbed our attention was a photo of penis-shaped cookies with an Iowa theme. We like to call them, I-O-Weenies.


Tiphanie has sculpted so many pretty pedodies that the photos and videos have been going viral! Keep scrolling to check out all the cool-themed peckers she has made!

Bachelorette Bobby

Obviously, the time when most people purposely buy penis-themed items is when having a bachelorette party. Here are some of her getting-married members.

The ball hair sprinkles are quite accurate.

These were for a Barbie-themed bachelorette party, Of course, a barbie bobby would be pink and gold.


Besides the obvious bachelorette parties, she also makes penis cookies for birthday parties.

Joel was a lucky man this year. "Make a wish & blow," "Here cums the bday boy," "Happy Bday Joel!"

Christmas Cocks

Time to get festive! Introducing Rudolph the Rod-shaped Reindeer.

Watch Tiphanie make her Christmas cranks in this Tiktok video.


Halloween Hot Rod

Penises don't have bones... oh wait... that one does.

Dick or Treat!

Here is a Tiktok video of Tiphanie creating her Happy Halloweenie cookies.

Spring Spitsticks

That ice cream cookie puts a whole new meaning to the term custard-launcher.

Awe, look how happy these little guys are.

Easter Sunday Schlong

Carrot Top? More like Carrot Tip.

St.Patrick Peen

I'm starting to run out of penis puns.

Valentines Day Dong

Not only do these dicks look good, but they taste good too!


Llama Langer

This person ordered a CACK-tus!

Grey Sweats Gherkin

Ladies... You know...


Don't worry guys, if you are not into eating penis cookies, here is a booty, I mean, Peach Cookie that you will enjoy.


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