According to the New York Post, scientists over in Great Britain have recently discovered that an ingredient in bug spray can kill the coronavirus.

"Researchers at the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory determined that Citriodiol can help fight coronavirus in a preliminary study, Sky News reported."- New York Post

Bug spray/insect repellent whichever you call it that specifically contains Citriodiol is not solely enough to help protect individuals from COVID-19 but it can help provide another layer of 'defense'.

The ingredient mentioned above, Citriodiol, has been approved by the  US Environmental Protection Agency as it is all-natural and can be found from both the leaves and branches of eucalyptus citriodora trees.

The theory of using bug spray as another layer of protection still needs to be actively tested against COVID-19 but Jacqueline Watson, managing director of Citrefine, feels that:

“What we can say is that we do feel there is a very good chance it could work against this virus but it does of course need to be thoroughly tested,” she said.

Source: New York Post

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