Seeing something unexplainable, in the sky above you, is exciting and a bit scary, all at the same time. If you are like me, you gaze into the sky in the hopes that you will see something, anything that might be a little bit of proof that alien-like just might exist.

Over the years I have written about many such sightings in the sky. People just looking up at the sky and seeing something they can't explain.

Most of the time they send them to me through Facebook Messenger, wanting to get my thoughts on the sighting. This time Courtney Harris commented on one of our Youtube videos of another sighing of a possible UFO in Indiana.

Once Courtney sent me his video, I knew he had seen something that I definitely couldn't explain. Here is what Courtney share with me.

Over quarantine, I got into astrophotography because I saw something I couldn’t explain in the sky and wanted to document it if it ever happened again. Well a little over a year later, it’s become a hobby that I take very seriously because I love everything about the beauty of space! Well over the last maybe month and a half which I have video proof of me saying this, I’ve been seeing some strange stuff up in the sky but I’ve never had the opportunity to actually get it on video.

I’ve been outside almost every clear night for the last year and a half so I’ve seen everything you could think of when it comes to space objects including rocket bodies, shooting stars, satellites, comets, planes, etc. You name it, I’ve seen it.

That night, I went to look out of my window because I love the constellation Orion because of its nebula... and I see these two very big and completely stationary balls of light and I’m sitting there for like 30 seconds because I’m so mesmerized.

I’ve lived here for 16 almost 17 years and have never seen anything like what I’ve been seeing recently in my entire life and I’m so glad I finally caught it on video!

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Courtney's reaction to seeing the objects is priceless. You can tell he is truly blown away by what he is seeing right in front of his eyes.


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