It’s the last day of March which means Endometriosis Awareness Month is coming to an end! But, for those of us battling the terrible disease, we live with it every day.

I want to thank the other #EndoWarriors that shared their stories with me!

This whole month, I challenged everyone to show me your yellow! I put out the request via my social media to wear yellow this month and if you did, to tag me or send me the photo!

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Now that March is over, I thought it would be fun to take a look at everyone's yellow! So go ahead and scroll through the photos and maybe learn a few things about Endometriosis as well.

Thanks to everybody who participated and I just want to thank everybody for their support.

I hope you continue to show support not only in March but all year. Knowledge and awareness really are power. Especially for something that is so under/misdiagnosed as Endometriosis.

Obviously, I'm not an actual doctor and cannot diagnose Endometriosis. However, if you feel you may have any symptoms, please, have a conversation with your doctor.

Remember, #InMarchWeWearYellow

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