You will soon see 'In God We Trust' displayed in all South Dakota Public Schools. KSFY TV is reporting the reason we will be seeing 'In God We Trust' prominently displayed throughout public schools in the state is Senate Bill 55 that was signed into law by Governor Kristi Noem during the 2019 Legislative Session.

This new law went into effect July 1 and requires the national motto of the United States to be displayed in public schools.

The displays must be at least 12-by-12 inches and must be approved by the school’s principal. Sioux Falls School District leaders have already hung 16-by-20 inch posters in all of their schools. The decision has received some opposition from South Dakotans and that includes members on both sides of the isle in congress.

South Dakota and Kentucky are the only two states enacting such a law. What do you think? Should all South Dakota public schools be required to display 'In God We Trust'?

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