Just as a general rule of thumb, egging a house or vehicle is never a good idea. Eggs are messy and difficult to remove from surfaces. Furthermore, it's just not nice to egg another person's property.

Apparently, there is one South Dakota town just south of Sioux Falls that has been experiencing a lot of egging complaints. In fact, there are actually two towns in South Dakota that have seen an increase in egging calls in the area.

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The Tea Police Department released a public service announcement on its Facebook page alerting the community that egging incidents are becoming a concern throughout the town. The post also indicated the City of Harrisburg has also seen an increase in this type of activity.

Tea Police Department (via screenshot on Facebook)
Tea Police Department (via screenshot on Facebook)

According to the Facebook post from the Tea Police Department, they are seeking the public's help to catch the person or people behind the egging attacks. "We are asking that you review your home security footage if you live in an area that was egged," states the Tea Police Department.

It's never a good feeling when your car or property is covered in eggs. The Tea Police Department even offers a little advice to anyone who wakes up with a little egg on his/her car.

If your vehicle was egged, remove the yolk and shell from your vehicle with hot water and detergent as soon as possible to prevent damage to your paint coat.

Who knew that detergent was used for more than just washing clothes?! You learn something new every day.

If any resident happens to have vehicle damage or surveillance footage of the egging crimes, they are encouraged to call the Tea Police Department at 605-498-5577.

Oh...and if you're wondering, egging is illegal in the state of South Dakota. According to the state law, egging vehicles or properties is considered vandalism.

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