By the time the first significant snowfall of the year blanketed Sioux Falls I was ready. Kind of. I had my snowblower ready for this winter after sending it out to be serviced by our trusty friends and D & D Small Engine Repair in Lennox. Planning ahead for the season I made an appointment back in early September before leaving on vacation. All tuned-up, some parts replaced and it was delivered back two days after we returned home.

With impending back surgery, I just looked at it in the garage with a sigh while looking around the neighborhood thinking of all the times in past years that I was thankful for having it.

Our neighbors are great. If one gets out early they don't just do their own sidewalk and driveway but will go next door, or two, or three and extend a friendly hand. That's what neighbors do. And that's how I grew up.

Sometimes the weather may be so cold that you're the only one who is out clearing the snow. That's okay. Why just do one when you can put a smile on another's face?

You never know, that small gesture may just come back to you when you really need it.

For me it already has. Thanks, neighbors.

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