Iggy Azalea bombing on her 2013 freestyle on Sway in the Morning has become a thing of internet lore. Now, the Aussie MC wants to clear the air about the infamous moment.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), Twitter blog hiphop_moments shared the throwback video of Iggy Azalea rapping on Sway's Shade45 show nearly a decade ago. In viral clip, Iggy raps with very little enthusiasm and is seemingly unsure about the delivery of her bars.

"Cause the whole world is watchin'/And the paparazzi is flockin'/And we fly shit when we drop in/And we shut down yo party," she raps.

In an altered clip of the freestyle, someone named "John from Tennessee" calls in and gives a horrid review of the raps.

"Never forget when John from Tennessee violated Iggy Azalea’s freestyle," @hiphop_moments captioned the clip.

Iggy Azalea commented on the video on Twitter and set the record straight.

"Never forget that this is a literal EDIT & whilst this verse is indeed trash, John from Tennessee has never called me," she tweeted. "The call was to lil Debbie if anyones curious about who John called or where this originated."

Lil Debbie appeared to confirm John's comment was actually taken from a freestyle she did.

"Yea he called in for me but you’re right he could’ve called in for that verse you spit," Debbie replied.

A fan then commented on how they see the video getting circulated frequently.

"Same because it’s always to shit on me," Iggy responded. "But it doesn’t upset me because it never actually happened so why would I care? Lmaoooooo" ... "I’m so glad I can laugh at myself cause it’s never that deep or serious to walk through life angry at everything and everyone."

The lyrics to Iggy's Sway rap ended up on the song "New Bitch" off her debut album The New Classic.

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