When it comes to how my car works and why it does what it does, I'm not afraid to admit I know NOTHING. I am a complete idiot when it comes to the moving parts of my car and what purpose they serve. Thankfully, I just ran across a really cool website.

The website is called How a Car Works and explains in simple terms (that even I can understand) how everything from the engine to the transmission to the brakes work. You can also download (free of charge) any manual for any car you may own.

You laugh, but I've always wished I had a better understanding of my cars and how they work. Even though I grew up on a farm and we fixed our own tractors, we never repaired our own trucks or cars. Those we always took to town to Danny, the mechanic. Heck, we didn't even change our own oil. Why we never tackled those things I don't know. Maybe Dad always felt better taking it to a "professional."

There was that one time just a couple of years ago when I did change the oil in my van that I was driving at the time. Did I enjoy it? NO!!! I didn't have all the tools, it took me most of an afternoon and I ended up spilling oil on the garage floor. Never gonna do that again!!!

But I'll tell you what, should I ever decide to "give it another go" and work on my own vehicle, I know just what website I'll be going to - How a Car Works. Who knows, maybe I'll even learn what a catalytic converter actually does.

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