The Sioux Falls PD was busy skating around town on Wednesday, (November 28) dealing with Mother Nature's little ice skating rink that she poured all over the Sioux Empire.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told KSFY TV, officers were forced to deal with 35 crashes that day thanks to the icy road conditions.

According to KSFY, police responded to accidents between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Road conditions appeared to be at there absolute worst however during the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, as a total of 12 accidents occurred between that time frame keeping police on their toes.

KSFY reports that no serious injuries resulted from the various accidents here in Sioux Falls, that was not the case, unfortunately, outside city limits, as one fatality took place on Interstate 90 near the Humboldt exit in Minnehaha County on Wednesday afternoon.

The way it's looking, the PD and Sioux Falls drivers are in for more of the same this weekend. Right now our friends in the KSFY Severe Weather Center are predicting anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of snow here in the Sioux Falls area that will help to make driving conditions slick yet again.

The Sioux Falls Police Department want to remind motorists to make sure you drive slower and leave extra room between vehicles on the days we experience wintry conditions.

Source: KSFY TV

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