The very last episode of Glee airs tonight (March 20) and I am not at all emotionally ready for it.

I have been a devout Gleek from the very beginning. I identified with this bunch of misfits and wished I could solve my problems through song.

I love the tongue and cheek humor, the quick wits, the romance, the pain, family struggles. I loved it all!

Over Christmas I started rewatching Glee just as a way to pass the time during days off, and it made me remember why it was such a phenomenon in the beginning. At its core, it is about a group of friends trying to make it through high school. Who didn't feel like a misfit at one point in high school? And occasionally they would burst into song.

I will admit the show got a little crazy when it tried to bridge the worlds between high school and college, but I stuck with Glee. 

In this, its last season, I feel Glee really got back to its roots. We are back to the characters we loved from the beginning and the simple storytelling.

So in honor of Glee's final bow, here are my 10 favorite performances from Glee. 

These aren't particularly ranked because I'm too indecisive.

"I Want To Hold Your Hand"

Please excuse the Spanish subtitles. It was the best quality video I could find. Anyway, how did you not cry when Kurt sings this song about his dad, Burt, who is in the hospital due to a heart attack. Probably one of the best father/son relationships in TV history.


In the Michael Jackson tribute episode The New Directions are at war with the Dalton Academy Warblers, who threw a rock salt infused slushee at Blaine and hurt his eye! Artie is so upset he just has to scream. A few times throughout the show, Artie got to leave his wheelchair in daydreams. Great moments. Plus, Mike Chang sings in this scene. And no offense to MJ and Janet, but I can actually understand what Artie and Mike are singing.

"I Feel Pretty/Unpretty"

Rachel is contemplating getting a nose job after an accident. She asks Quinn to come with her to the doctor as an example of the nose she wants. These two have a sordid history. They both dated the same guy and Quinn is the ultimate teen queen that Rachel has always felt inferior to. Beautiful moment in song about body issues and what is really beautiful. Plus, this is just one of Glee's many amazing mash-ups.

"Pure Imagination"

The New Directions are asked to perform and help plan Sue Sylvester's sister's funeral. Sue's sister had Down Syndrome and was really Sue's only friend. When Sue was with her sister it was one of the few times we saw Sue as a person. Her sister's favorite movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not until this scene, did I ever think "Pure Imagination" could be so sad.

"Teenage Dream"

"Teenage Dream" was our introduction to Blaine Anderson and not unlike Kurt, I instantly fell in love! Dare I say I like Blaine's version of this song better than Katy Perry? Klaine Forever!

"Thriller/Heads Will Roll"

In an attempt to curb the bullying from the football team, the glee kids put together a halftime show with them! An epic mash up of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll." I knew that Karofsky would come around.

"My Love Is Your Love"

In the Whitney Houston tribute episode, shortly after her untimely passing, the New Directions come together at the end of the episode, not because it is required for class, but just because the glee club has meant so much to them. Plus, this is one of my favorite Whitney songs. Love.

"Somebody to Love"

While I was rewatching Glee and it came to this performance I literally texted my brother and said. "I totally forgot how good 'Somebody to Love' was on Glee."  These were the types of moments in the first couple seasons that kept people coming back. When Mercedes starts to wail. Chills! Goosebumps!

"To Make You Feel My Love"

Obviously, this is from the tribute episode to Cory Monteith, the actor who played Finn Hudson. I feel as though this clip doesn't need much explanation as to why it is one of my favorites, however, I wish this episode never would have needed to be made.

And obviously the performance that started it all!

"Don't Stop Believing"

Seriously, like I could do any top 10 without this song included? It started everything. I never stopped believing.

As you can see, most of my favorites are from the original cast. No offense, to the newer generations of New Directions, but I just felt a connection to the OG cast members! Now, it is time to say goodbye, but never stop believing.

Honestly, this list could have gone on forever, but I had to stop at 10.

What is your favorite performance form Glee?

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