Colin Kaepernick still hasn't been signed by a NFL team and many have questions why, including myself.

The pure utterance of his name sparks emotions on both sides of the debate and those emotions are usually very passionate which only adds fuel to an already engulfing flame.

As all of it continues to play out, I have questions that seemingly are answerable but the answers you may get from person to person are certainly different.

The easy question is purely, why hasn't Colin Kaepernick been signed by a NFL team?

That question however has so many variables that make up the answer to each individual that the underlying questions become just as important.

Are owners blackballing Colin Kaepernick?

Is Jay Cutler a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick?

If kneeling to pray is a sign of respect, why is kneeling during the anthem considered disrespectful?

Is Colin Kaepernick only entertaining offers to be a starter?

Is Colin Kaepernick asking for too much money considering the marketplace?

If Kaep would of knelt during the anthem to protest police officers being killed instead of citizens being killed by police would this be a whole different conversation?

Are fans who are still upset about Kaep's protest being childish?

If Kaepernick spoke more to the media over the last few months would there be a different dialogue in this situation?

Shouldn't the NFL be backing a stance such as the one Kaepernick has presented and help stand for the terrible injustices that continue to face some minorities in this country?

What team will Colin Kaepernick be on in 2017, if any?

As you can see, the variables and underlying questions remain and in some cases very difficult and almost impossible to get a consensus on the answer.

Time will tell how some of these questions are answered but for the time being the debate continues as to why Colin Kaepernick still is unemployed.


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