If you’re going through tough times right now, Lois Johnson has a message worth hearing!

Lois was at work when the Sioux Falls woman thought she was having a heart attack.

“I came home and told my husband my neck was swelling. We were about to go on our first anniversary in two days to Mexico. Instead, we ended up in the hospital. When we got there, they told us I was having a heart attack. I woke up 13 days later.”

During those 13 days, Lois claims she visited with her late mother!

“I remember going into the hospital and was given meditation. I recall when I was in my coma---I saw my mom. She is in Heaven.”

So, what happened during that visit?

“She was beautiful and radiant and gorgeous. Mom took my hand and told me I couldn’t come yet. It wasn’t time to come and I had to go back.”

While in the coma, Lois’s doctors had bitter news for her family.

“I would become a vegetable or I could die because I didn’t have many brain waves. I had a hole in my stomach. It put bacteria in my stomach. I then had three major surgeries during the 13 days. I had people praying for me in Canada and all over the United States. Meanwhile, the doctors prepared my family for me to be in a nursing home the rest of my life or die.”

But, that didn’t happen.

“I know it was God! Had to be God!”

To this day Lois’s recovery is being called a miracle by the medical specialists that treated the Sioux Falls woman.

“They call what happened to me a miracle. There should have been no reason that I went back to work in three months. I had to learn how to walk, talk and eat.”

But, Lois credits her God inspired faith for her recovery.

“My faith is very strong. My story is God protected me for the 13 days while in the hospital. This was the hardest thing ever my husband and I had to deal with. I am a stronger Christian because of the sickness. I came out believing that God has me here for a purpose. God got me through this. Who else would? The doctors even say there is absolutely no reason I should be here today.”

The bottom line is this: Without Faith, Nothing is Possible. With Faith, Nothing is Impossible.”

Thank you Lois Johnson for sharing your story of hope, love and faith!

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