Adam Weber is the Sioux Falls founder and lead pastor of Embrace, a church that has six campuses in two states. Adam is also the author of a recently released book titled “Talking with God: What To Say When You Don’t Know How To Pray.”

“I had a friend who has written several books and he encouraged me to become an author! At first, I didn’t want to write a book. It seemed that everybody wants to write a book. For that reason, I didn’t want to do that. But, my friend persisted and I finally said yes! Through his personal connections, he opened up some doors I would never be able to open up.”

At first, Adam focused on two ideas for a book. One of them was what the book turned out to be.

“It was a book on prayer. What does it look like to talk with God? What does it look like to pray in the midst of life? Not on Sunday morning, not one little part of your day. But, what does it look like to talk with Him when we need Him the most?”

So, how do we talk with God?

“Prayer is one of those things that we like to make more complex than it needs to be. We do that as humans with everything. Yet, here is something really simple. Let’s make it complex now.

“I always tell people---whatever is inside of you, whatever you’re feeling inside, just let it come out! It’s one thing to talk to yourself: ‘Gosh I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am so worried about this meeting. I am so scared about this doctor’s appointment. I am just so restless.’ That’s talking to ourselves. That’s the first step. Just let it come out!“

“The second step is just say it to God! ‘Lord I don’t know what to do! Would you show
me? God I am scared about this meeting. Would you give me the word? Lord, I am
unsure what’s going to happen at this doctor’s appointment. But I know your peace
surpasses all understanding.’ Just let it come out and direct it to Him and not yourself”

The bottom line is this: Prayer is simple. In Adam Weber’s words:

“It’s like talking with a good friend. Here’s the best part: No matter where we are in life, God can’t wait to talk with us.”

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