One of the most candid interviews I ever conducted while at the Grand Ole Opry’s WSM Radio in Nashville was with country mega star Loretta Lynn.

Within minutes after performing on the Opry stage, I asked Loretta I she ever gets nervous while entertaining her fans! She does!

“I still get nervous when I’m on stage. I really do. The worst place is the old Grand Ole Opry---the Ryman Auditorium. I get more nervous there I do at the new Opry House. Yes, I am always nervous at the Grand Ole Opry!”

Atlhough she has performed for decades throughout the world, I asked Loretta what’s behind the anxiety?

“I get nervous all over the world,” Loretta shares with me. “When I go on stage…five minutes before I sing at the Grand Ole Opry---whatever anybody says to me, they might as well have been talking to the wind ‘cause I won’t remember it. I’m so nervous! Five minutes after I come off---whatever anyone tells me, it goes through one ear and out the other.”

“When I was playing at Billy Bob’s, the boys started to hit “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” but it sounded like ‘You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take my Man..” I looked over at the piano player and I said ‘What’s the first line of the “Coal Miner’s Daugther”’ and he said “I was a Coal Miner’s Daughter.” That was the end of the show you know.”

Although she may be nervous while performing her many hit songs, Loretta loves the music and her loyal fans.

“You know if I make a mistake, they paid their money to get in. I remember when I didn’t have money to go. I feel sorry for the people sitting out there getting half a show. When I make mistakes, it upsets me a lot. But I’ll laugh with the people and ask them to help me sing. I tell them I haven’t been on stage a little while and ask to sing my songs. Then they won’t know when I miss a word.”

More with Country Legend Loretta Lynn on future posts!

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