Every day people are suffering and dying from domestic violence in the home and in the workplace. Shenee Edwards knows that for a fact! Shenee was in an abusive relationship for years.

“Sometimes I was threatened with a gun. My husband was always teasing me. He would pretend the gun was loaded. In one instance, I was in the shower. We were in a big argument. He opened the bathroom door and started hitting and choking me. I tried to fight back. I was naked at the time. He opened up the front door of the house and threw me outside. I stayed there for a long, long time. When one of the neighbors saw me, my husband dragged me back in the house and proceeded to choke me.”

Despite the physical abuse, Shenee did not end the marriage!

“I really wanted the marriage to work out and didn’t press charges when I called the police. Shortly after that incident, he called the police on me. Since there was no actual physical contact, nothing happened.”

Eventually, Shenee got help. But, it didn’t end the violence at home.

“We actually sought counseling and started going to church. We tried to work it out. For a few months, there were no incidents. Then he came to me and said he didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, even though he was the abuser.”

From first hand experience, Shenee offers this message to others that are in abusive relationships.

“No matter what---you need to get out and seek help even if you feel it is your fault or you’re the cause of the situation. I don’t care how bad things are---violence is not the answer. Call the police if you have too. I know domestic violence escalates into serious injury and even death.”

The good news is this: Shenee says her life today is free of domestic violence.

“I know how to handle situations differently because of the abuse. I know how to approach people differently. Life is better and peaceful! I am not walking on egg shells all the time thinking if I say the wrong thing I could be punched or choked. Believe me---life is a whole lot better for me.”

Shenee Edwards is sharing her story of hope in an upcoming book titled “The Miniseries of Me.”

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