Tammy Brown knew something was wrong, but didn’t know what it was.

“I thought I had Multiple Sclerosis. I have a curve in my spine and I was constantly having pain in my legs. I had a hard time walking and would have to lay down a lot. Every time I sat down, my legs would go numb. It would take me 15 to 20 minutes to get going again. Finally my doctor sent me to a specialist. During a medical procedure, he told me he thought it was cancer. But, he couldn’t be certain until I finished all the tests. Two days after an examination, the doctor called and said, ‘Tammy, you’d better sit down. I hate to tell you, but you have cervical cancer.’ He suggested I have a hysterectomy. Thank God, I already have my two children. I drove to Halifax to schedule the hysterectomy. While there, I got more bad news. The cancer had grown so much I couldn’t have the surgery. Instead, I would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

For the next two days, Tammy didn’t know if she would survive the treatments.

“I had to leave my kids with my father. I went to St. John New Brunswick for weekly chemotherapy treatments---once a week for 5 hours. I also had radiation treatments. For two months, my mother stayed with me at the hospital. I was able to come home on the weekends to see my children and loved ones. After the treatments came to an end, they told me I had to have intense radiation. I was alone in a room for three days and was heavily medicated. I was finally allowed to go back home. When I got there, the doctor called with more bad news. The treatments didn’t work. I was told to start planning for the worst. In other words, he said, ‘I was going to die.’”

Tammy was devastated by the news. But, instead of giving up, the young mother of two children sought out prayer partners.

“I did everything I could. While all this was going on, the doctors wanted to put me in a hyperbaric chamber. They thought the chamber would take away some of the cancer. This time, I refused the treatment. I just did not want to leave my children again. When I went down for another appointment to get my final test results, I couldn’t believe what I was told. The cancer was gone! That’s right---completely gone. Truly, I believe it was because of all the prayers. The this day, I know God was on my side.”

In light of the cancer, Tammy offers advice to others who are suffering from the disease.

“You need to be strong and believe in God no matter what. You need to live each day as if it’s your last. Fulfill every dream that you have---that you ever wanted!”

Most of all, instead of obsessing about the cancer, Tammy says you must focus as much as you can on the positives in your life.

“You live with it. That’s a fact. But life goes on. You have to realize this isn’t the end. There are days when you’re overcome with negativity and don’t think you can fight anymore. But, you have to live for your family and yourself. You can’t give up!”

Tammy Brown is a firm believer in the power of prayer---thanks to a life free of cancer!

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