A year ago I told myself I would use some of my hard earned PTO from work to do some re-organizing, purging, deep cleaning. And, last week I finally did it. Better late than never, right?

First, I tackled my closet, clothes, and shoes. My goal was to get rid of a bunch of stuff, that didn't happen so much, but I did reorganize so it just looks nicer. I did get rid of a few things and a bunch of shoes.

Next, the kitchen. When I moved into my apartment, I was given a lot of hand me down dishes from relatives. I still had a bunch of that stuff, that I never used. I also have gained a few different kitchen appliances, pans, etc. since moving in so where I originally put things didn't really make sense anymore. I literally took everything out of the cupboards and reorganized. I feel so much better. The air fryer is still sitting on top of my fridge though. That thing is just a weird shape. Also, some of my cupboards are just skinny little buggers. Oh well, I did what I could.

Then, I tackled the bathroom. I had one drawer just full of bathroom stuff. I found a bunch of old prescriptions that I disposed of properly. I googled it. I have an electric toothbrush, so every time the dentist would give me a new toothbrush/floss/toothpaste, I just threw it in this drawer. Well, I gathered them all up and donated them to a local shelter here in town. I also found a bunch of my old glasses. I had some really cute frames in the past. I even took them into my eye doctor and they said the prescriptions were similar enough that I could still wear them! I basically have two new(ish) pairs of glasses! So many options now!

Lasty, I tackled my desk. It became a home for random papers and just random stuff in general. I joined Weight Watchers a few years ago and I apparently kept every booklet/flyer/handbook that I was ever given. I recycled all the books, but kept all my charms! Hey, I worked hard for those. While, I definitely cleaned off the top of my desk, I could have done better going through the actual drawers. Maybe next year.

In the end, I dropped off two boxes of stuff that someone else can hopefully use.

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