The other day I went into my little master bathroom to do what you do when you go to a bathroom. As I went to sit down I noticed a hard-to-miss note on the toilet paper.

The note, written in black magic marker, was from my daughter, Jackie. She was displeased with the position of the toilet paper on the roll in my bathroom that no one else uses but for me.

Andy Erickson/TSM
Andy Erickson/TSM

The note read: "Flip the toilet paper over. It's gotta be over. -Jackie"

Of course, she is reigniting the ridiculous Internet argument about the proper way to install toilet paper on the roll, with the paper coming off the top or the bottom. She finds it necessary to have it come off the top. Others want it on the bottom.

I am of a third opinion. There needs to be toilet paper in the bathroom. Whether it comes from the top or bottom, I don't give a crap (pun intended) on how it comes off the roll.

In case you're wondering, yes, I literally wiped my butt with her note.

Why she cared about the toilet paper befuddled me because she never uses my bathroom. Apparently, she and my wife use it more now because my boys keep using the main bath for excessively long periods of time in the morning.

I plan to remodel my bathroom this year with a new vanity, which is where the current dispenser is installed. It will necessitate a new place to put the T.P. I could put it in the wall in front of the toilet and probably will. But I'm going to put that thing in up and down. That way I'll never hear about it ever again.

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