Is it even a trip West River if you don't stop at Wall Drug and ride the jackalope?

I think not!

Well, I got to ride the jackalope and say 'Hi' to the T-Rex, but most importantly, I finally got to try the famous Buffalo Burger at Wall Drug! But my food adventures didn't stop there. Not only did I try the burger, but I also had Wall Drug's famous donuts for dessert!

This might be surprising, but I had never had buffalo before. I wasn't real sure what to expect. I know that buffalo is supposed to be leaner than hamburger, but I don't think the old adage, 'It tastes like chicken' applies here.

When I got my burger, I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I didn't taste much difference between a 'normal' hamburger and the buffalo burger.

The homemade donut on the other hand. I have had plenty of donuts in my time so I feel like a bit of an aficionado. Even while I was perusing Wall Drug for the perfect souvenir, the scent of the homemade donuts was wafting throughout the building. It basically summoned me to the dining room. I opted for chocolate (obviously) and it was really good. You could tell it was made fresh. It was warm and the icing was messy and gooey!

Of course, I washed it all down with some free ice water.

The Famous Buffalo Burger And Homemade Donuts At Wall Drug

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