I do not like to shave. However, I like hair on my face even less. So, I breakdown and rake a sharpened strip of metal across my face every couple of days. I'm old enough to remember the beginning of the multi-blade revolution. When I first started shaving there were only one or two blades.

Then in the 90's came the explosion of blades on a razor. Three, four, seventeen! Plus a little moisturizing strip. I may hate shaving, but it felt so nice afterward. But, then the prices also skyrocketed. Sure they'd sell you the razor handle for a nickle, but the blades required a credit check and a second mortgage.

Now it looks like our friends at Costco are coming to the rescue. Costco has started selling it's own Kirkland Signature brand razors. The kits include the handle and fourteen blades. All for, are you ready for this? $20!!

Costco Razors

That is so much less that you have to pay for the Gillette or other name brands. And judging my experience with other Kirkland brand stuff from Costco, the quality will be just as good (if not better).

Thank goodness this is happening. I was afraid I would soon have to turn to some subscription service. That a good idea for magazines, not for razors. And now I'm officially an old man.


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