The calendar may say 'spring' and 'April', but Mother Nature seems to think it's still winter as whiteout conditions across much of South Dakota forced officials to close I-29 from Brookings, South Dakota all the way to Canada last night!

About 7:30 Tuesday morning, South Dakota officials were able to reopen I-29 through our state, but it remains closed through North Dakota

How strange was the weather on the final day of March? A tornado warning was issued for northwest Brookings County yesterday INSIDE a Blizzard Warning area!

Sioux Falls had the warmest day since September 2013. Then it started sleeting and snowing last night and we woke up to windchills of -4 this morning.

No travel is advised across many highways in north central and northeastern South Dakota today.

Unfortunately, this is NOT an April Fools joke. Spring appears to be the bigger joke at this point as Sioux Falls is expecting more snow later this week.

We need to fast forward to complaining about how hot it is outside...