One thing that is synonymous with the Sioux Empire is Huset's Speedway. Like me, if you have lived in the Sioux Falls area for a long time, then chances are you remember the Huset's Speedway radio commercials throughout the years and their classic tag line reminding fans of the 8 PM sharp race time!

When Huset's Speedway near Brandon was renamed Badland's Motor Speedway in 2015 after it was purchased by Chuck Brennan, it wasn't quite the same for a number of reasons. While it's true, Brennan invested several million dollars in the renovation of the facility by turning it into a state-of-the-art dirt track, some of the allure of the iconic track was lost, mostly due to the name change.

Badland's Motor Speedway closed in May of 2017 after Brennan took the fast track out of Sioux Falls following the closure of his Dollar Loan Centers in South Dakota. His departure was brought on after a bill was passed in November of 2016 that put a cap on interest rates for short-term loans in the state at 36% APR.

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The legendary South Dakota dirt track sat empty until Tod Quiring purchased the track from Brennan in July of 2020. Immediately upon that happening, Quiring made the racing communities day after he announced his intentions to not only buy the track but also restore the iconic Huset's Speedway name.

Only a handful of races were held last season at Huset's, but that is about to change.

Dakota News Now reports, for the first time since 2016, the historic South Dakota dirt track is on the verge of dropping the flag on another full season of racing action starting in early May.

The 2021 Huset's Speedway racing season officially gets underway on Mother's Day. According to Dakota News Now, races are planned for almost every Sunday evening through September.

Huset’s Speedway General Manager Doug Johnson told Dakota News Now, “I’ve been to some races all over the country already this spring, and you see these fans are all excited, ready to go. They just want to get out and enjoy some of the things they’ve done in the past, and I think racing here at Huset’s Speedway is one of them, and hopefully we see those fans continue to come out, week after week.”

You can see Huset's full racing schedule and get ticket information for the 2021 season here.

Source: Dakota News Now


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