With the coming of pheasant hunting season and the influx of out-of-state visitors comes a darker side: human trafficking.

Becky Rasmussen, executive director of Call to Freedom, says there are young girls and women being brought to the area.

"From our work with survivors and those who have come out of situations, we do know that sex trafficking is happening in hunting season,"  said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen says there are indicators to look for that identify human trafficking.  A woman or women may be in the presence of a person who may be much older, paying in cash only, and limiting the woman's interaction with others.


"Anytime you see a situation where it looks like an individual is being controlled, you are probably looking at either a domestic violence situation or a possible sex trafficking, human trafficking situation."

If you suspect you are observing someone being used in human trafficking, contact the national human trafficking hotline.

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