One week after the Copper Lounge building collapse in Downtown Sioux Falls, Aaron Hultgren, of Hultgren Construction made his first public statement on the matter.

In the letter, he explains his company's commitment to cooperate with all investigations regarding the collapse and profound sadness for the loss of life and property. The full text of the note is below.

Our friend and team member, Ethan McMahon was laid to rest today. Neither the McMahon family, nor the Hultgren Construction team, will ever completely recover from this tragedy.

We, of course, also convey our sincere condolences to Emily Fodness, the Fodness family, business and property owners, and the entire downtown community, all of whom have suffered as a result of the building collapse.
Since the very moment of the collapse, Hultgren Construction has been fully cooperating with multiple investigations that are ongoing, investigations intending to both avoid further harm, and to determine why the building collapse occurred.
We urge members of the public, as well as local media, to be patient. More work needs to be done, before any conclusions are reached, as to what caused the building collapse. Hultgren Construction is not in a position to both correct or rebut local media, and, at the same time, cooperate with authorities. We are prioritizing our efforts by fully cooperating with the
Hultgren Construction will accept responsibility if it is determined we are responsible.
However, until the issue of responsibility is determined, we are respectfully requesting that the members of this community keep an open mind. We are not a victim, but we live in this community with our families. Our children go to school here. Despite local media accounts, please reserve judgment while the experts complete their work.
Thank you.
Aaron Hultgren
For Hultgren Construction, LLC

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