There is no disputing the fact that the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History is a treasure here in Sioux Falls. What it offers to our city's residents goes beyond recreation and the role it plays in saving endangered species has a global impact.

The educational opportunities it has for children and adults are too numerous to mention, but honestly, out of reach for many.

A large number of families with children who could benefit from a trip to the zoo, taking part in one of the educational presentations, or being a zoo camp kid, simply don't have room in their budgets for these activities.

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A couple of years ago, businessman Steve Hildebrand challenged the Sioux Falls community to eliminate what he calls the "poverty disadvantage".  Then together with the Community Foundation, he began the Promising Futures Fund.

This was an effort to even the playing field for economically disadvantaged kids and families, by increasing access to educational and outside experiences,

such as field trips, tours, events, speakers, etc., and provide inspiration and hope so students can see themselves in a world outside of poverty.

Fast forward to 2022 - - the Great Plains Zoo and Promising Futures Fund are teaming up to give these experiences and more to children at Title 1 schools and also Zoo Camp spots for 100 children from ages 6 to 11.

The Promising Futures Fund believes that a child’s economic background should never prevent them from having the same education, same experiences, and same opportunities as a child whose family has
more resources.The summer programs we fund for kids need to be both educational and fun. The camps provided at the Great Plains Zoo
accomplish both of those goals.- -Steve Hildebrand/Promising Futures Fund
For more information see Great Plains Zoo online or call (605) 367-7003.

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