Batteries.  We all know they slow down when it's cold out.  Especially when it gets "Minnesota" cold.  Your phone will lag, when you are at the gas station those machines run so slowly when they are asking you 500 questions before you can pump the gas for your car... gas, yes, gas.

So, now that the electric car has become so much more popular with the price of gas skyrocketing, it begs the question; 'How well would an electric car fare in a cold Minnesota Winter'?

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A normal gas-powered car uses gas (obviously) to propel the car and also to heat the cab in the wintertime.  If you are driving an electric car, you depend on that battery to propel your car and also heat the inside of the car.  Same as gas.  But as batteries slow down, will the driver of that electric car need a charge much sooner than normal?

The short answer is yes.  The battery would need a charge sooner than when driving in warmer temperatures.  

...tests conducted more recently by Consumer Reports showed cold-weather range has improved over the years, but still that “cold weather saps about 25 percent of range when cruising at 70 mph compared with the same conditions in mild weather.” For these tests, cold days averaged 16 F and mild days 65 F.

But, if you are just using your electric car for a normal to work and home commute or to just do normal errands around town, it's not something you are going to notice that much.  It's only going to be an issue if you are driving long distances (like 300+ miles) when you would need to stop and charge the battery in your electric car.  Much like stopping for gas.  BUT - there isn't a charging station in many places along the interstates and highways.  Hopefully they become more regular, but for now, I would stick with a hybrid of you want to make use of an electric car for economical purposes.  At least then you have the option of using gas instead of electric only.  Just my opinion.

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