The November 6th elections are just around the corner. What does that mean for you?

If this is the first time you will be voting or if you are new to the area you need to register. The deadline for registration is 15 days before any election. This year the registration deadline is October 22nd.

The places you can register include the County Auditor’s office, driver's license stations, public assistance agencies, military recruitment offices and you can mail in a registration. If you need to update your address or want to change your party affiliation you can do that at the same places.

According to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website, to be eligible to vote in South Dakota you must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Reside in South Dakota
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before the next election
  • Not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction which included imprisonment, served or suspended, in an adult penitentiary system
  • Not be judged mentally incompetent by a court of law

Once you are registered to vote you need to know where to vote. In Minnehaha County check out the County Auditor’s section on the county’s website for a map of where to vote in Sioux Falls.

If you are outside of Sioux Falls or if you don’t remember your info go here to look it up.

If you are not going to be in your town to vote you can vote absentee. This is great if your work takes you out of town, or if you are away at school. Check out this for information on voting Absentee.

And if you are abroad in the military here is some specific info for you.

As we get closer to Election Day remember that in South Dakota the polls are open from 7am to 7pm. And don’t forget to bring identification. According to the the Secretary Of State’s website, approved forms of photo identification include:

  • South Dakota driver’s license or nondriver ID card
  • U.S. government photo ID
  • U.S. Armed Forces ID
  • Student photo ID from a South Dakota high school or South Dakota accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal photo ID

If you do not have a photo ID, you can sign a personal identification affidavit and still be allowed to vote.

For a look at what is on the ballot this year you read about the ballot questions and see some of the offices on the ballot on the Secretary of State’s website. And as we closer to November 6th look for sample ballots from the state and county.

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