Know someone who enjoys bird watching or enjoy the observational hobby yourself?

Well, the owners of Wild Bird Connection are sharing some tips on how to make sure birds will stay healthy as the temperatures continue to drop.

With the change in colder temperatures, different bird species migrate into the South Dakota area. The typical species we see here when it gets colder out are cardinals, blue jays, and a few different types of woodpeckers.

Owners of the Wild Bird Connection, Phil and Linda Pudenz, know that birds are drawn to food, water, and a form of shelter as the cooler weather rolls through.

"Linda recommends focusing on higher calorie foods, such as black oil sunflower seeds. Suet, which is dried animal fat, is also a good option for the winter. Heated water baths are also helpful for birds in the cold"- Dakota News Now.

The couple has an amazing idea to get the whole family involved in the activity of bird watching during the winter months.

Have the kids or grandkids go outside and scout out some pine cones. Then add some peanut butter to the pine cone followed by a bit of birdseed on top of the peanut butter.

Then sit back and enjoy the show as the birds gladly eat your bird-friendly treat!

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