Oh don'tcha know! Erik Johnson, former 1st overall pick, who played collegiately for one year at the University of Minnesota before signing with the Saint Louis Blues, just won the Stanley Cup last night with the Colorado Avalanche. During an interview after the game, Johnson got interrupted unexpectedly by his parents, who got onto the ice and were excited to congratulate their son on his NHL Championship.

The interview, in which Johnson was saying he wasn't sure he was going to come back this season, as he had contemplated retirement, was then interrupted by a man saying excuse me, to which Johnson said oh it's my parents.

Then almost as quickly as Johnson's parents arrived they were gone. As they went away the Johnsons apologized again, for interrupting the interview.

A big congratulations to Erik and the rest of his teammates on winning the Stanley Cup, for not being 'too cool' for a hug from mom and dad and for simply living in the moment.

It doesn't get much more Minnesotan than that!

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