If you've tried to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder, especially in the spring, you know it's darn near impossible. I thought so until I tried this!

First, let me say that I don't hate squirrels. They are cute. And they are fun to watch play around in the yard.

But if you like to hang bird feeders in your yard you know that squirrels will figure out a way to eat everything in there and maybe wreck your feeder too.

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Here in Sioux Falls, we have Red, Gray, and Black Squirrels. It doesn't matter the variety of the varmint they will lay waste to your bird feeder or suit cage in no time short.

We've tried some interesting things to keep the rodents at bay including the little upside did metal cone that you put on the pole under the bird feeder that is supposed to keep the squirrels from passing that point and getting to the food.

That might work on stupid squirrels. But the ones here in South Dakota just consider that a little warmup on their way to a birdseed supper.

The one thing I finally found that works for me is this product called C&Sot Pepper Delight No-Melt Suet Dough.

C&S Hot Pepper Delight No-Melt Suet Amazon
C&S Hot Pepper Delight No-Melt Suet Amazon

I put it out and squirrels hate that stuff! It sells for about $2 bucks online. Birds don't seem to be bothered by the hot pepper but it pisses off the squirrels.

One reviewer, Kaitlin V. shared a funny summary of her first use of the Hot Pepper Suet product ...

"But I did watch the squirrel use some crazy gymnastics to get on the suet feeder I have. I watched eagerly as I saw it take a few mouthfuls, slightly disappointed that it wasn’t fazed by the spice. And then it fell off the feeder and took a break on my balcony railing.

This is when the fun started.

I guess the pepper in this is a slow burn. I watched the squirrel start making odd faces, tongue sticking out, shaking its head, etc. I was happily watching this menace of a squirrel experience its mouth being slowly set ablaze. It started sneezing and looked visibly distraught. I was so happy that this evil squirrel finally got what it deserved.

And then I had to take a step back and accept my slow descent into madness. I was getting joy out of watching this squirrel get a taste of its own medicine. But I didn’t care that I was at war with a squirrel. I had a small moment of peace and I was thrilled with this Amazon purchase that could give me that."

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