OK guys, pay close attention to what we have share with you in this story. For winning over that special lady, we have a very significant tip.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart is through her eyes. Yes, women get red-hot for men who dress in scarlet.

A photo of a moderately handsome man was digitally doctored to depict him wearing various colors and framed with different hues, and any shot that contained red in either the photo or the frame consistently was seen as being more attractive and desirable.

And all this time, we were focusing on the lady in red. It's actually the man in red that's going to get the attention also.

Shades of red are associated across the animal kingdom with power, passion and fertility, notes New York's University of Rochester professor Dr. Andrew Elliot, who did studies to prove that men like ladies in red.

"Red is typically thought of as a sexy color for women only," says Elliot. "Our findings suggest that the link between red and sex also applies to men." Wearing red may make men feel more self assured.

Source: Radio Online

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