Long-term history suggest that the Minnesota Vikings should be able to bounce back following last year's NFC Championship Game loss to Philadelphia.

Following an NFC Championship game loss to Philadelphia, the Minnesota Vikings have spent the offseason ensuring their core players stick around. Minnesota has recently extending the contracts of players such as Danielle Hunter and Eric Kendricks. They have also went and spent the big money to land quarterback Kirk Cousins. All of this to potentially make another run towards a Super Bowl appearance.

But what has the history been for the Vikings following an NFC Championship game loss? For the most part, the franchise hasn't experienced much of a "hangover" the year after. Earlier seasons saw the Vikings bounce right back the following year with three playoff appearances.

It hasn't been until recently that the team crumbled the next season. The last two times the Vikings have appeared in the NFC Championship game, the following season resulted in a 4th place finish in the division.

  • 1977: Lost NFC Championship Game to Cowboys. 1978: 8-7-1, Won NFC Central, Lost to Rams in Divisional Round.
  • 1987: Lost NFC Championship Game to Redskins. 1988: 11-5, 2nd in NFC Central, Lost to 49ers in Divisional Round
  • 1998: Lost NFC Championship Game to Falcons. 1999: 10-6, 2nd in NFC Central, Lost to Rams in Divisional Round
  • 2000: Lost NFC Championship Game to Giants. 2001: 5-11, 4th in NFC Central, Missed Playoffs.
  • 2009: Lost NFC Championship Game to Saints. 2010: 6-10, 4th in NFC North, Missed Playoffs.
  • 2017: Lost NFC Championship Game to Eagles. 2018: TBD.

With the core roster returning, and adding a quarterback that has thrown for over 4,000 yards in the last three seasons, the Vikings appear to have a team strong enough to reverse the recent history of missing the postseason following an NFC Championship Game loss.



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