Fantasy Football. Everybody plays. The party is on, make your picks and then you get back to work and forget about it til after hours.

Or do you?

According to an article reported by Ladders, businesses stand to lose some $9 billion due to decreased production and workers shifting their focus from the job to that fantasy gridiron. By the way, yes...that's billion with a 'B'!

But it might not all be bad for the business bottom line.

The article goes on to state that fantasy football may lead to higher morale and lower turnover. So...while production may decrease the worker may be happeier and stay longer?


Anyway, the article states that workers spend about an hour a week at their work stations figuring out who to pick and perfecting their lineups.

Me? Nah, I'm the lone wolf at work, the one guy who's a baseball guy. For me, football's just something to do until spring training. By the way, how 'bout them Twins!