As Santa gets ready to make his annual trip around the world dropping off stuff for good girls and boys, do you ever wonder how many gifts he delivers? Or how many of those cookies he eats out that kids leave for him?

Well, the numbers people over at the Centre for Economics and Business Research are out with their Santa stats.

  • Santa will visit over 378 million children in over 92 million homes on Christmas Eve and Christmas.
  • Santa will visit 5,556 houses per second on Christmas Eve
  • Santa will deliver gifts to 1.6 billion children
  • Santa will wrap presents with 1.5 million miles of paper
  • Santa will deliver over $459 billion worth of presents
  • Santa will work for 32 straight hours
  • Santa will eat around 336 million cookies
  • Santa will devour 150 billion calories on Christmas Eve as a result of eating Christmas cookies.

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